Everything you need to set up an original and fun garden party

Everything you need to set up an original and fun garden party

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Summer has arrived and is reason, more than enough, to bring together the people you love and celebrate it in style. We give you the keys. You dare?

You will only need the most colorful utensils, fun details on the table and auxiliary furniture for the garden.

Guide for a celebration

Place, day and time. If you have a large terrace or garden, it is the perfect place. If not, clear the furniture room and decorate the windows or the balcony. Choose the day 20 h is a good time since it is no longer hot. Send the invitations.

Decor. Do not improvise, plan everything in time, keep in mind that it is the first thing your guests will see. Surprise them! There are many options, from a marine environment, to a tropical one, or simply place pennants or pom poms.

Lighting is very important: put candles, lanterns or garland of bulbs.

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Household. Play with the colors. Put a plain tablecloth, not of paper, and combine it with patterned pieces. Opt for melamine, it does not break and there are a variety of models and colors. Have enough glasses and cups.

Try to prepare small arrangements Y flower centers. You know what the queens of the decor!

Food. If in the end you have chosen the garden, the best option is the barbecue. That is varied, from meat to vegetables. Prepare cold and simple entrees, such as salads or canapés.

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Prepare a varied cocktail bar, with mojitos, daisies, juices ... and decorate with colored straws.

Cocktails to receive your guests: MINT JULEN cocktail Salty mexican dog 🍹 Mojito with watermelon cubes 🍉
Do not forget to put a lot of ice! Try to have enough seats. Place a bench with cushions, as in the photo above.

Colorful kitchenware for a garden party table:

pizza cutter

Children will love these bus-shaped pizza cutters.

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Bookmarks Bookmarks

Paper sticks with message.


€ 1/15 units


chair chair

It seems indoor, but it is made for the garden. Aluminum chair with blade backrest.

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Available in green and blue, from Leroy Merlin.

glass for ice cream

Glasses pink and neon green.

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From A Loja do Gato Preto.

boxes Boxes

Very useful and decorative. Plastic boxes to have everything well ordered.


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dishes The dishes

Melamine dishes with marine drawings.

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In Zara Home.


Your great ally! Acacia wooden waitress with wheels.

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De La Redoute Interieurs.

pennants pennants

Garland of paper pennants. With polka dot print.

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fruit bowl Fruit bowl

Customize your font. Combine the pieces you want in this stand.

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Everything from Rice.

cutlery cutlery

Perfect to serve. Cutlery with fruit print.

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From Primark.