The Russell hotel: an old rehabilitated church

The Russell hotel: an old rehabilitated church

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The Russell

Is there anything interesting to see in Nashville? From now on, your answer to such a question will undoubtedly be: The Russell. Because this new hotel boutique 23 rooms is destined to succeed on earth as well as in heaven.

Indeed, before becoming a hotel, the building was an old church that today, still maintaining a beautiful stained glass window where the lobby.

The Russell The Russell

The window is extremely important because it is the one that decides the color range of all the rooms. In this way, each room surprises by the use of the tone above all, that is: a base color, and a darker hue that adds contrast to the space.

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The winks to the old church are also present in details like some mirrors and pointed arch-shaped furniture.

A solidarity project. In addition, each stay of the guests allows to continue with the solidarity project of the hotel, where, following the tradition that began 100 years ago in the church, a roof is offered to the city tramps, free showers, and food. Can you think of a better excuse to spend your next vacation in Nashville? Not us! 😉

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