A modern house with unified spaces

A modern house with unified spaces

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A large common area, with living room, dining room and integrated kitchen, is the hallmark of this Madrid apartment. At first none of this was like that. Its original distribution, besides hindering the access of clarity to the environments, was not functional. Therefore, its owner, determined to rent it, did not hesitate to invest in a comprehensive reform that would make it more attractive and practical.

The great change that was made was projected by interior designer Carolina Rodriguez Baptista, who opted to tear down all the partitions as a starting point for rehabilitation. Now, with the new organization of its 85 m2, the receiver leads, on the one hand, to the kitchen and living room (originally, two rooms), and on the other, to the two bedrooms of the house, each with its own integrated bathroom. Once the distribution was defined, it was chosen wooden floor, warm and pleasant to the touch, for the whole house, and the walls were painted in a bright off white, which combines perfectly with the furniture and fabrics subsequently chosen. With this uniformity of materials and color unit, the interior designer managed to make balanced and harmonious sets, both kitchen and living room as well as bedrooms and their corresponding bathrooms. Of course, he managed to make each environment perfectly defined.

For decoration, Carolina had the collaboration of Constanza Subijana, of HS Decor. Together they planned to create comfortable and modern environments, extremely attractive to an urban public. They did it thanks to the careful selection of furniture from contemporary design, which were combined with plain upholstery and discreet prints, without stridency, in neutral tones for the living room and somewhat more intense in both bedrooms. In order to create breadth and relief, only the necessary parts were placed and it was studied very well that its location facilitates the circulation in passageways and access areas. The bathrooms were completely renovated. In addition to renovating sanitary ware and coatings, new distributions were designed in independent areas.


- The works focused in establishing a new organization of 85 m2 to expand the living room, integrate the kitchen and create two bedrooms, each with a built-in bathroom.

- After distribution, The next step was to change the floor of the whole house, replacing the original ceramic tiles with a clear flooring. Then the walls were painted in an elegant and bright broken white. In addition, the electricity and plumbing installations were renewed, as well as the kitchen and bathrooms.

- Doors windows and carpentry are also totally new.

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A special and charming atmosphere was recreated in the hall. For its decoration a console of modern design was chosen, with light legs, on which a colorful floral arrangement was placed, and on the wall, a mirror with frames to give depth.Consola, of Thai Natura. The vase is from Zara Home.


In the living room, the sofa was combined with light pieces, easy to move, which allow changing the distribution of the living room as needed. In addition, a coffee table was chosen, made of glass, visually very light, and opted for a range of light colors so as not to overwhelm the space. Sofa, by Tapidisseny. Coffee table, from Vical Home. The armchair is a replica of the model CH7 of Wegner, in SuperStudio. Carpet by Zara Home.


The best solution to create environments with personality is to choose special pieces that, whether by design, finish or material, stand out on their own. Low cabinet, by Pilma Design. Floor lamp, from Thai Natura.


Living room and kitchen share a unique and fluid space, where daily life is organized. After the housing reform, the partition that separated these two rooms was demolished, although for structural reasons it was necessary to maintain an iron pillar. Its location was used to delimit the environments. In the dining room, carpet with zebra print, from Zara Home.


Place designs with different shapes and sizes to create unique compositions. To achieve a balanced result, ensure that the containers are related to the flowers. Vases, from Los Peñotes.


In the dining area the furniture of curved and current lines predominate. To enrich the decoration, the chairs were chosen with the seat upholstered in black, a color that contrasts with the range of neutral tones in the living room.


Combine the ornaments by colors. In this composition, green, white and red shades of ceramic fruits were used, which were nuanced with a transparent glass vase, from Zara Home.


Deer, elephants, giraffes, rhinos ... hunting trophies fit perfectly into modern and modern salons. Requirement: be made of resin, cardboard, crockery or any other material. Head
of wooden deer, in Los Peñotes.


A breakfast bar became the perfect solution to integrate and, at the same time, delimit the kitchen itself in the living room without creating a feeling of overwhelm. The lighting in this area was resolved with a pair of ceiling lamps, with grid screens, arranged in line on the countertop.


To enhance visual continuity, the kitchen was distributed in an L-shape, with low cabinets that do not break the sense of perspective. The walls were left bare, except in the cooking and sink areas, where they were coated with a steel plate, in the first case, and the same countertop material, in the second.
Kitchen designed by Belara Interiorismo, with lacquered cabinets.


In front of one of the windows, a closet of four bodies was installed embedded in the wall and with the doors painted in white, to provide luminosity to the room. In the background, you can see the bathroom that, thanks to the wooden floor covering the entire floor,
It integrates perfectly. Headboard upholstered in capitoné, by Hanbel. Bedding, from Zara Home.


In this bedroom, the neutral base they offer so much
the walls like the bedding enhances the blue brushstrokes of the textile accessories and the headboard. Cushions, from Zara Home.


Play with cushions of three different sizes and group them by sizes (the largest ones, supported by the pillow). Choose them in coordinated tones with each other and with the rest of the bedroom


In the reform another master pillar appeared in the bathroom of one of the two bedrooms. Painted white, like the walls, it does not break visual continuity and harmony at all.


For the bathroom, a piece of furniture with doors and drawers was chosen to organize towels and toiletries. In addition, we chose a suspended model, without legs, which is visually lighter. Coatings and washbasin cabinet, from Azulejos Peña.


To color the bathroom, choose towels and accessories in the same color range. It combines different shades, as well as plain details with other prints, for a visually richer decoration. Accessories, from Zara Home.


A glass door was installed between the washbasin cabinet and the toilet, which gives this environment a certain intimacy. Next, the shower area was located, closed with a glass screen. Coatings and washbasin cabinet, from Azulejos Peña.


Housing plan.