How to make a beautiful DIY wedding reminder box

How to make a beautiful DIY wedding reminder box

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This one will be a Special memory of your wedding. Because we have done it with the bridal bouquet. They are also worth it - if your bouquet of flowers has been delivered, offered or given, although you can take out the flowers before -, the centerpieces or the floral ornaments of your big day. You will also need two photos to frame. You can choose them different or equal, if they do not have a single favorite.

Materiales needed:

- Scissors
- A glass photo frame
- 2 photographs
- A bouquet of flowers

Take some flowers carefully from the bouquet. Try to get small branches of all varieties of the bouquet. Open the frame and place a picture upside down on the glass. Go placing flowers and branches in a corner or surrounding the entire frame. Place the second photograph on the first, matching the white part of both images. Close the frame and that's it!

A perfect DIY to place on a shelf in the living room, your bedside table or the place of honor of your house. This craft is very easy to do and the result can not be more ideal!

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