Do you sign up for the green deco?

Do you sign up for the green deco?

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Erase from your mind the idea that only the highest budgets can access a eco housing or that all houses green They have a green roof and are futuristic. Everything changes, and in the construction sector, too. Now, a land to build, in the hands of an expert in sustainable construction, can be an ecological and bioclimatic house without skyrocketing the budget or losing an iota of style and charm.

The same goes for already built houses, which are reformed and rehabilitated. The maximum echo: that the house adapts to the conditions of sunstroke, temperature, wind, humidity and vegetation, to achieve comfort and minimize energy consumption and the environmental impact. The Ecological materials They deserve point and apart. The final consumer, well informed and more aware, demands products with certificate green, with zero or low toxicity, non-polluting; that come from, specialized in demolition materials of houses, convents and factories, offers pieces with hearth. Regarding greener water and electricity facilities in housing, they are all those that suppose savings in consumption: mixer taps with flow regulator, thermostatic shower, efficient appliances or LED lighting ... And in terms of eco habits at home, to reduce waste and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and save, it is best to think before consuming and implement the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

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It is the one that is projected to avoid energy losses, both due to high consumption of heating and air conditioning. A "four seasons" glass is recommended, with solar control in summer and forced thermal insulation in winter. Search the model SGG Planitherm 4S, on the web of Saint Gobain.

Thermal comfort

In a poorly insulated house, heat and cold enter the walls, the noise level is annoying and in the bedrooms, for example, prevents rest.

The solution: install a thermal-acoustic insulation. There is one of mineral wool, called Supafil, www.supafil.es, which is installed in a few hours and without works from outside the home, whether built or new construction. Reformation of the ArtQuitectura studio, which designed a bedroom suite.

A house without damp

White linen, wood and iron and a vegetable fiber mat ... what is now seen in the living room of this single-family house is a natural deco. But his past was different: it had humidities.

The reform was based on lowering the flooring and filling it with insulating materials. The finishing touch to the project: enjoy a uniform heat with the installation of a floor heating, compatible with natural gas and other energy sources.

Sofa Gunilla, by Pau Design. Estera, by Mestre Paco.


Multi-purpose bag, 40 x 40 cm (€ 2.99
in Very Much).

Sustainable wood furniture

Chair Carola, by Andreu World, in beech (€ 446); its wood comes from sustainable forests, with FSC certificate, www.fsc.org

The attic insulation

Frosty in winter and ovens in summer. Extreme temperatures prevent enjoying these spaces when your roof is poorly insulated; but if they are reformed with eco criteria, meters are gained and housing is revalued.

A plus in this attic, now habitable: the installation of windows, by Velux, to win a terrace; with panoramic, projecting opening, and lower door, practicable; and an extra: solar control with blinds.

Windows and enclosures to improve insulation

The windows provide natural light to the interior, which already means savings in lighting; but if they are not waterproof and cold, the consumption of heating and air conditioning soars.

A safe option is to install double glazing with an air chamber; You can check all its properties on the Climalit website. You will find information about PVC and aluminum profiles in Kömmerling and Technal.


The number of decoration and interior design firms that sell eco pieces grows; Its design and manufacturing are designed to minimize environmental impact.

For example, the lamp Luscofuscous, from K-lo Ecodesign Workshop, is handmade with corrugated cardboard from sustainable forests (€ 143 in Lamparasdecarton.com).

Eco conscious style

Basic in any rehabilitation with criteria green: minimize the environmental impact of the work and use non-toxic, recyclable and long-lasting materials. Of course, without giving up a top interior design. See the flats, chalets and eco cottages on the architecture studio website Abaton.es. Spectacular!

Recover, reuse and recycle

The boom DIY and crafts is a hobby eco, which reduces waste. The upcycling, new use to all types of material, and the restoration of furniture with air vintage Y shabby They have achieved that many pieces do not end up in the container and decorate again.

If you still want to get rid of one, look for
the nearest clean point or contact a local NGO to recover them.

Heir pieces

Decorators and interior designers, when looking for jewelry-deco in antique dealers and almonedas, also add to the echo current. Stately pieces, in new versions, surprise by their current aesthetic, like this lamp that releases color; painting Pictch Blue, from Farrow & Ball, for metal and wood, indoor use (38/750 ml).

Ecofriendly parts

The decoration of this bedroom is committed to reuse materials. The bed and lamp, made with metal scaffolding, are designs recycled from Useme.es Next to them, a table, unique, covered with cans of soda ... Bedding, in filocolore.com

Decorate with wild flowers

A detail handmade… Vase bottle with recycled wood base. It's from La Variété (€ 16 at ChicPlace).

Bedrooms to rest

To sleep well: quality mattress and pillow; room in the dark and between 18 and 22 ºC of temperature, neither cold nor excessive heat because they cause micro-awakenings that alter the normal rhythm of sleep. From El Corte Ingles: Duvet Cover Chambray (39,95 €).

Healthy recipes

Healthy eating is possible, if the pantry is also possible. The best cuisine is homemade and get used to cooking and leave prepared for oneself what you will eat, it is the best for a healthy diet. Basic, read and understand the meaning of the labels of what you buy ...

Purifying plants

Did you know that many, besides decorating, are beneficial for health because they improve air quality? Search the top 10 in this link Unacasasana.blogspot.com

Eco paintings

They have a low content of VOCs, volatile organic components potentially harmful to health.

Water painting Xylazel Healthy Air, from Xylazel, for children's environments (€ 13/750 ml approx.) meets the criteria of the European eco-label ECOLABEL. This brand also has paints for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

An evolutionary chair

From high chair to chair, it adapts to the child's growth. Long-lasting and non-toxic paint, model Tripp Trapp (€ 187) and cushion (€ 40), from Stokke.