A house full of Christmas spirit

A house full of Christmas spirit

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Personalized bags with their names and loaded with gifts, cushions that congratulate us the holidays, a garland of gloves and a crown on the headboard ... Samuel and Jose have wanted to transport the spirit of Christmas to each space of their house. In the decoration, they have used some Christmas classics, such as reindeer, balls, poinsettias or the color red and green, but they have given it a current and Nordic touch that falls in love.

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Advertising - Keep reading under the tree

The Christmas tree welcomes us at the entrance of Samuel and Jose's house.


Samuel and Jose have placed a sack with their names next to the tree. A very personal detail.

Have been good

Under the tree, decorated with red and white figurines, have placed gifts wrapped with paper kraft And a tape.

Happy Holidays

On her sofa, some cushions in cream and red tones and an elf congratulate the parties.


In the bedroom, on the headboard, a vegetable crown and a garland of gloves give a very elegant Christmas touch.

Letter to the Kings

In a metal basket with air vintage They have placed their letters to the Magi and some packages.