What a change! Before and after a renovated bathroom

What a change! Before and after a renovated bathroom

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Colors and small details can completely change a space. This happened in this bathroom that our reader Manuela Alejandra wanted to share with us. Before it was gray, black and white (you can see the photos in the gallery of images that precede these lines) and it was somewhat impersonal, but with a reform he managed to make it his own. It did not change the distribution, only the coatings and the toilets. He opted for a beige rectangular tile base that combined with pink and with a hydraulic style floor in the same tones.

The details are the ones that finish giving the elegant touch. The ceilings covered by moldings, the mirrors with golden and sculptural frames, the exempt and round basins, the hangers in the shape of a ram's head, the towels with lace ... In each corner we can see how everything has been taken care of in detail and we see its personality reflected .

Advertising - Keep reading below Elegance in the bathroom

The golden mirrors give a very touch glam.

Beige and pink

Manuela Alejandra covered half of the wall with a beige tile base and the other half painted it pink.

The importance of the details

Decorative accessories can give a lot of play in a bathroom.


Ram-shaped hangers and golden frames: a very original way to give personality to a wall.

New toilet Extra closet

With mirror door. A success.

Soil detail

Inspired by hydraulic tiles and the same tones as the rest of the bathroom.


White, gray, black and something impersonal ...

Basins before Ground before