Family plans with which your children will make the most of their vacations

Family plans with which your children will make the most of their vacations

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Outdoor play space

Organize a place for children to have their toys at hand to have fun and let their imagination fly during long school vacations.

Mole teepee, 89,99 €; hopscotch carpet, 59,99 €; chair, 49,99 € / cu; deck chair, 39,99 €; Maisons du Monde.

If you have space, look for a cool and shady place or cover it with an umbrella or candle. Join their games, you will boost their self-esteem, creativity and improve interfamily relationships.

Long summer dips

Watermelon 15,50 € by Oli & Carol

Children love water, play with it, get wet and bathe. Let them splash in the pool or beach or mount their little oasis with an inflatable pool, a mini bathtub or even a basin. This activity, in addition to providing them with freshness, is very beneficial for its evolution. Improves body coordination and stimulates creativity when playing with cubes or other toys, like these fruits.

Promote autonomy at meals

It is important that children learn from small to eat alone and to know and savor all the ingredients.

Søstrene Grene tableware: plate, 3,48 €; bowl, 2,64 €, and glass, 2,82 €.

You have to let them handle food, but also that they take their cutlery, glasses, plates, etc. alone. A good option is that they have their own crockery, better if it is made of a safe and hard to break material, such as bamboo fiber.

For small travelers:

suitcase suitcases

How old will your son feel carrying his own suitcase by himself!

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From € 39.95

Trunki's cat and unicorn with wheels, in El Corte Inglés.

bottle travel bottles

Remember to take your water bottle on trips so that you are well hydrated.

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11 €

Custom pirate bottle, at

Daily Travel Diary

Prepare games so that the journeys become a little shorter and more fun.

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5 €

Travel book with stickers, from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

cushion animal cushion

Give an original touch to your children's bedroom with cushions with their favorite motifs.

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10,39 €

Lion cushion (€ 9.09) and raccoon, from La Redoute Interieurs.