A great functional, warm and timeless home

A great functional, warm and timeless home

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Enjoying a modern, functional and family-friendly home was the desire of the new owners of this home, located in Barcelona. The apartment, located in a building of the 50s, was an old-fashioned construction, with long corridors, very compartmentalized spaces and little natural light. But not anymore. After an integral intervention, it has become a contemporary, practical and bright house. The interior designer Meritxell Ribé, from The Room Studio, was in charge of the renovation and decoration project.

With the premises of winning visual amplitude, brightness and storage space, Meritxell designed a new distribution. Corridors were removed and a hall was created that divides the house into two zones: day and night. For this new space, different custom cabinets, which were fully integrated into the decoration. Next to the terrace, already existing, the living room and kitchen in the same space to let natural light circulate between them. Thanks to a uniform floor and a homogeneity of materials and finishes, a fundamental visual continuity was achieved to create a greater sense of space.

The room for work area was also left open. On the other side of the hall, the bedrooms and bathrooms were located. For all of them, Meritxell Ribé's studio designed solutions with sufficient storage capacity. As for the decoration, contemporary design furniture was combined with a neutral color range and subtle strokes of color to achieve warm, comfortable and modern spaces, in which home automation installations could not be lacking.

- Your design is done in a completely personalized way (height, depth, arrangement of possible holes, etc.) and the final finish can be chosen the same as the original wall of the bedroom (in the same color or different), or any other coating such as wood, lacquer or metal.
- It's about building a wall on the wall where the bed rests. The most common is to make them based on an internal substructure and an external coating of laminated plasterboard (Pladur), DM board or solid wood.
Generally, they integrate the bedside tables, niches and the general and support points of light. They are finished off with a shelf to place the table lamps and some books.
- Another feature of the work headers is that, when made to measure, they allow the integration of architectural elements such as pillars or setbacks.

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In the decoration of the living room, neutral tones
of walls and upholsteries were combined with light wood furniture. To enhance that sober and warm air, a gray sofa was chosen, adorned with cushions in pastel shades, and colored brushstrokes were added in details and complements that also prevent the environment from being turned off.

With chaise longue

The living area was located in front of the sliding doors leading to the terrace, with an L-sofa facing the TV, which was installed on the wall. Sofa Parkfrom Joquer. Cushions, from the firm Filocolore. The red wall light is from Meritxell Ribé's studio.

Balanced set

Living room and dining room were decorated with wooden furniture of the same style and finish. Although both environments are perfectly defined thanks to the pair of poufs that closes the seating area, the carpet that covers the floor of the living room and the two ceiling lamps on the dining table. Coffee table Up and Down, Santa & Cole. Poufs Bovist, from Vitra. Carpet Lantau Champagnefrom Designers Guild. Auxiliary furniture Slatby Punt Mobles

Natural wood

It takes the natural. The details and complements made of natural wood and vegetable fibers fit into any decorative proposal; they don't have to limit themselves to rustic environments.

Ceiling lamps

In the space shared by the living room, dining room and kitchen, several ceilings were made on the ceiling to install LED lights that provide a general warm lighting. This was combined with a pair of ceiling lamps on the dining table, and one standing by the sofa. Ceiling lamps Ronde 40, from the firm Gubi. Foot model Grashoppa, was acquired in Matèria.

Kitchen open to the living room

In order to ensure that both environments followed each other aesthetically, a homogeneous color and materials were used. This visual continuity was further reinforced by installing the same type of flooring throughout the house. Extendable table, model Slice,
from Ethnicraft. Chairs CH33, from the firm Carl Hansen.

Poufs in the lounge

Great allies. Complete the lounge seating area with a pair of poufs. Versatile and very decorative, they offer the possibility of changing the distribution of being according to the needs. They will also serve as an auxiliary table or footrest.

On two fronts

The wide and long surface of the kitchen allowed to place the furniture in two parallel rows. The plate, the ovens and the refrigerator were installed on the same wall and the sink, on the contrary, glued to the half-height wall that separates this room from the dining room. Kitchen cabinets, Santos. Countertop, by Neolith. The carpet is from Meritxell Ribé's studio.

Round tray

Turn the utensils into part of the decoration. A round tray or a wooden low plate, ceramic boats with discreet prints and designer oil and vinegars will form a delicate composition.

Glass jars

Reuse glass jars. These simple objects have endless possibilities. In addition to perfect organizers in the study area, they are ideal as vases and candle holders.

T-shaped work area

A T-shaped work area was created in the room next to the living room; The desk was attached to one of the shelves of the bookstore, which has a lot of storage capacity. In addition, to gain a space to store the work material, a chest of drawers with wheels was placed under the table.
Chairs AAC22, of the firm Hay.

Paneled doors

The new storage areas are perfectly integrated into the decoration. In some cases, the doors were paneled in the same tone of the wall and in others, the finish is identical to that of the floor wood.

Main bedroom

A work headboard was made, from wall to wall up to medium height, which allows the upper part to be used as a shelf. The design also has a niche that includes the tables. The upper part of this front was coated with a paper in a darker shade than the rest of the walls.
Headboard designed by Meritxell Ribé. Apply Burdy wallfrom Northen Lighting. Bedding, Filocolore and blanket, Materia.

Wooden headboard

Wardrobe with oak doors, Ethnicraft. Rocking chair Eames Plastic, produced by Vitra. Ceiling lamp, from Flos. The carpet is from Nani Marquina.

Washbasin cabinet

Following the aesthetics of the rest of the house, the bathroom of the master bedroom is a modern, simple and functional space. For the front of the sink, a suspended piece of furniture that houses two sinks was chosen. Washbasin cabinet by Novello. Hansgrohe wall taps.


Renew the bathroom walls with wallpapers that support moisture and can be cleaned without problems. Check the technical specifications label of the roll to make sure of its characteristics.

Floor lamp

Get special pieces that help you give a personal and colorful touch to the decoration. The foot lamp Pedrera, from Gubi, is a cylindrical design made of perforated metal that offers a full style lighting. It measures 1.13 m high.

Housing plan

Housing plan.