5 plants and flowers that will help you sleep better

5 plants and flowers that will help you sleep better

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Beauty products, eye masks… Yes, all of that is very good, but do you know what you need to sleep like an angel? Plants. No, we are not kidding, and it is that the decoration of your room influences more than you think in your rest. Tyler Davis, an Orchard Supply Hardware expert, recommends five plants and flowers that will change your dream concept.

1. Sansevieria

Benefits: Most plants release oxygen during the day and rest at night, however, sansevieria does it all the time, even when you sleep!

How to take care of yourself: This plant can live in almost any light condition. Water it once every two weeks, and voila!

2. Lavender

Benefits: Have you ever noticed how usual it is to find detergents that smell like lavender? Or sprays for bedding? The explanation is very simple: numerous studies in recent years have affirmed that the plant has calming and relaxing effects. But if you want to feel the pure essence of lavender, forget about the smell bags and opt for flowers. We assure you that you will sleep differently.

How to take care of yourself: Lavender needs a bright space to live, so it is best to place it in a sunny window. In summer you can take it to the terrace and let it enjoy the king star.

3. Spatifilo

Benefits: This very common plant is a natural air purifier. How does it work? Absorbs harmful substances and releases purified oxygen into the air. This will help you stay healthier and make your sleep more restful.

How to take care of yourself: This plant needs soft light, so it is perfect for bedrooms with small windows. It is irrigated once a week, and twice if the plant is near a window or in the heat in the winter.

4. Gardenia

Benefits: There is no way to describe the pleasant smell of this flower. In addition, it has sedative effects.

How to take care of yourself: Gardenia is somewhat complicated to care for, but not impossible! It needs a lot of light but indirectly, because, if not, its leaves suffer the risk of burning.

5. Pink Jasmine

Benefits: Not only will it look pretty on a nightstand, but it also has relaxing effects.

How to take care of yourself: Keep it near a sunny window, but don't overload it with water.

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