In this laundry room and iron there is nothing left or missing

In this laundry room and iron there is nothing left or missing

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We sign what can be the most beautiful laundry room (or laundry room) on the net.

The magazine House Beautiful makes a detailed review of this laundry room and iron and it is that in addition to being a space decorated with a lot of sense, it has ideal storage solutions for small spaces.

Press play and discover the best ideas:

An elevating clothesline. Ideal for small spaces since you can have all the laundry laid and collected on the ceiling without disturbing the passage in the room.

The large laundry room with shower faucet. A perfect solution not only for clothes, it is very functional for showering your pets.

Storage closet Because of the little background it has, it does not steal useful space from the room but it does add a lot of storage space for all cleaning products.

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Shelves. They add a lot of storage space and allow you to have the most used utensils at hand.

Light and clear curtains. They do not steal any light and add a decorative plus to the space.

Windows in the kitchen: With or without curtain?

Ceiling lamps. Indirect lighting of ceiling lamps facilitate perfect lighting in all corners of the room. Its elegant golden brass design recalls the baskets of our grandmothers' clothes.

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Source: House Beautiful

Appliques and lamps for the kitchen

Distribute halogen bulb strips

on a regular basis so as not to leave any area of ​​the work surface in shadow (in Light & Environment).

Wall sconces provide ambient light.

Some designs project a side beam of diffused light, and another beam towards the ceiling that bounces off the wall and is projected on the floor providing cozy and pleasant indirect lighting. Apply in Iluminalia.

A model with diffuser

projects a uniform reflection on the desired surface and prevents glare. Strip in Light & Environment.

Models that simulate the shape of a bulb

uncovered without a screen they provide ample general lighting, but it is convenient to place them at a considerable height so that their intensity without shading does not dazzle. Lamp in Light & Environment.

An opaque screen

with a single lower opening it concentrates the light beam downwards; hence it is suitable for placing on the table of an office. The lamp should be placed at medium height so that the bulb is hidden from the eyes. Lamp in Iluminalia.

The lamps

With a metallic finish and almost flat shape they act as reflective surfaces that project the light and blur it in a wide range, ideal for general lighting of the kitchen or table, in the office. In Light & Environment.