A very appetizing buffet in the garden

A very appetizing buffet in the garden

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Take the dining room table to the garden and place it under a tree, well sheltered in its shade. Spread the tablecloth over it and center it well so that it is the same length of fabric on both sides. Bring all the utensils you need from the kitchen, ordering them from the inside out depending on the use you are going to make of them. Leave crockery and cutlery more handy, and set aside condiments, sauces and ornaments. As a decorative element you can use folding supports that, in reality, are for placing plants. On them you can place pots or use them to store inside bottles, napkins, fruit ... This will clear the table.
Outdoor meals have the disadvantage that tree leaves or typical seasonal bugs can fall on the table ... So you have to be very careful in hygiene. Clean the auxiliary furniture that you take out in the garden with a cloth dampened in a soapy solution and then dry them well with another dry cloth. We advise you to place individual tablecloths on the surface of each auxiliary furniture that protect and reduce the noise caused by plates and cutlery. Use napkins as covers on dishes and plates, and use caps on the bottles to prevent dust from falling or some "guest" not pleasant. And now, to enjoy the food.

Advertising - Read on under Table with mosquito net

If the table is beautiful, leave it without a tablecloth so it looks. For protection, hangs a mosquito net from the branch of a tree and from the same support, a flower pot of ornament. Ikea table PS 2012 and mosquito net Bryne (€ 6.99), from Ikea.

Tables well dressed

Prevents the tablecloth from flying between the slats of the table. This was painted white, as was the chair. Table and chair Tarno and corremesas Sommar 2015 (€ 3.99); from Ikea.

Extra large fruit bowl

With the delights that summer offers, you will need an XL fruit bowl to facilitate the choice of each diner. Four-level basket Sprutt, from Ikea (€ 29.99).

A table in the garden

Use different types of containers and give them on the table a new function: sherds where to place cutlery, vases for paper straws, tall glasses for colines, a pitcher ... You will see how fun! Planters Bittergurka (€ 12.99 each); crockery Färgrikin turquoise; plant support; model Vidapel, all of Ikea.

Decorative and practical ideas

Proof of unevenness: what rage is when the ground where you want to put the table is inclined. Quickly fix it by putting two of its legs in some pots.

Barbecue furniture

This plant support is phenomenal as an aid to have on hand the necessary utensils for the barbecue: tongs, oil, sauces, bottles ... And without taking up much space! Vertical support Socker (€ 39.99), from Ikea.

Garden aids

To move the dishes: use a bathroom trolley as a waitress, deposit the dishes, cutlery, bread on each tray ... and you will avoid unnecessary walks from the kitchen to the garden. Black car Hjälmaren (€ 64). Salnan baskets and boxes Dragan. Everything from Ikea.

Support furniture

Have a dishcloth on hand to help you review the dishes and glasses before putting them on the table. And if you are going to prepare a lemonade, take out the ice bucket and fill it with ice to keep the drink cool. Iron and wood table and chairs set Tarno, from Ikea. Pedestal table (east
is the model Gunnern, € 25, for sale in Ikea). Placemats (these are Lättad, 3,49 €
unit). From Ikea.

Floral exhibition

Fill that forgotten corner on the terrace with plant life and transform it into a practical display to show off your pots. Support Socker, from Ikea (€ 29.99).