Cobayas: a perfect pet for children

Cobayas: a perfect pet for children

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Guinea pigs are, as a general rule, very sociable animals. It is best to have them in company with others of their kind and because of their calm behavior, they are an animal perfect for kids.

His activity is daytime, so the nights will be quiet and, what is better, will not bother the rest of the other members of the house. They need a large home where they can play (recommended measures: 50x70 cm / 70x100 cm), hide in a small house that will serve as a shelter when they are afraid, cold or simply want to rest without stress and a place located with good natural light without reaching to be direct sun, with a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees.

Guinea pigs feed on feed, hay (indispensable) and fruits and vegetables in daily rations and at about the same time.

The hay is the most important food and they must always have it at their disposal. Not only should it be an important part of your diet thanks to fiber, which is essential for your body and digestive system, but also promotes tooth and tooth wear.

They are not aggressive animals, nor has very exaggerated marking behaviors as other species do. It is best to have them with others of the same or different sex, provided they are sterilized.

As for the toys with which they will have a great time, they are animals that do not require great demands: cardboard tubes (of toilet paper or kitchen), a ball with a rattle (cat toys), jute ropes ... Rodent wheels are not recommended due to their structure and they need to exercise to avoid obesity.

In this way, you can have your guinea pig in perfect condition. They have a longevity of 5 to 8 years and having been previously informed by our trusted veterinarian after a regular check-up and deworming, you can live with this friendly pet unforgettable moments.