Fill your house with branches

Fill your house with branches

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Advertising - Keep reading below A very natural headboard

When they told her blogger who could not paint his bedroom, created this spectacular mural with tree branches.

He chose the most beautiful branches and set them behind the cottage to create a warm country house atmosphere in the city.

More information in Jen Loves Kev.

A natural handrail for the stairs

It will cost you a little more to find the ideal branch for your ladder but the effort is worth it. As you will see a small detail completely changes the environment.

Tutorial: Remodeler

A floor lamp

This simple lamp will be the focal point of any room. Use it as a reading lamp or even as an auxiliary lighting in your bedroom.

Tutorial in Design Sponge

For baby clothes

Add a detail of nature to your baby's room with this adorable hanger-branch-pendant. Ideal for baby clothes that do not weigh much, you can hang it from the ceiling without fear.

More information in Shannon Eileen.

A chandelier for the living room

Made with willow branches and vines, this chandelier is wonderful. You need an old metal chandelier and wrap each arm of the lamp with the branches. Finally paint it with white paint (or the color you prefer).

Tutorial in Funky Junk Interiors.

To hang your necklaces

If you have used branches to hang your swing, these will also help you to order your necklaces and earrings. Hold it with a clamp to keep it in place and ready. Your bathroom has never been so "natural."

Find more information at Funky Junk Interiors.

Tags for your garden

Classify and label your plants with these natural markers. If the branches are not very hard wood with a simple kitchen peladior you can make the notches where to write the name of your plants.

Tutorial in Home Road

Coat rack with branches

Building this simple coat rack with recycled wood is very easy and will give a unique touch to your hall.

Tutorial in Home Dit.

Get your necklaces

It is very easy to make and the perfect excuse to buy that beautiful necklace that you have always wanted.

Tutorial in Mojomade

A decorative staircase

This idea is ideal for hanging your household clothes and your most colorful ornaments.

Tutorial in the Rustique Art.

A work of art…

Did you imagine that a handful of twigs could look so elegant ...? This painting will add a touch of nature to your fireplace.

Tutorial in Cleverly Inspired.

A screen for your room

Feel like Christmas throughout the year with this magical screen. Take advantage of some garland you used at parties.

Tutorial in Mark Montano.

A lamp for the office

This branch will give the final rustic touch to any house if you place it on the office table, for example. You just have to find the perfect branch, hang it with a few resistant cables and put some warm light bulbs to create a cozy atmosphere.

Tutorial in Improvised Life

With flowers ... spring

Blogger Angela Chrusciki Blehm, The Painted House, Use white dogwood branches to create a beautiful centerpiece. Because of its long stems, the flower sculpture is easily prepared.

Tutorial: How to create a floral centerpiece

Via: Country Living US