These were the most viewed kitchens of 2018. Are you going to miss them?

These were the most viewed kitchens of 2018. Are you going to miss them?

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José Luis Hausmann

The best end of the year plans always include some remember, and as in this magazine we are unconditional fans of kitchens, we can't think of another more wonderful idea than making a review of the most viewed kitchens of 2018. We start!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Mid-century Patrick Butler-Madden

The Laura Butler's kitchen we were impressed first by the height of the ceilings and the wide surface; second, because formerly it was a horse stable; third because moves away completely from the concept of traditional cuisine; and fourth, because the style mid-century sophisticated decoration is awesome.

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2 Surfer Soul Hunker

With a front against splashes lined with turquoise blue tiles, and one central wood clad island, this kitchen with surfer soul is perfect for a house next to the beach.

his design, fresh and modern, it draws on a environment full of natural light.

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3 Ultra chic Ramón Clemente

After tearing down a partition, the kitchen of this apartment located in Rambla de Catalunya, opened to the living room, being visually delimited by a hydraulic-inspired tile floor, and one white marble island with a bar For informal meals.

The white cabinets and simple lines they go unnoticed and we almost forgot that we were in a kitchen, perfectly integrating the space with the rest of the house.

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4 Shared space José Luis Hausmann

The open concept It has been, without a doubt, the most sought after trend in kitchens of 2018. And it is not for less, since it is the best option to expand the space and make it brighter.

Reformed by the architecture studio Egue y Seta, this kitchen was integrated into the living room with the aim of unifying spaces and gaining meters.

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5 External connection Mauricio Fuertes

Open the kitchen to the porch it was the interesting reform project of this space designed by Josep Cortina which won in visual amplitude, light and interactivity.

The keys? Integrate the kitchen into the dining room, enhance the brightness, and win personality Thanks to the furniture.

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6 Dormer

The peculiar space of this attic kitchen, required furniture that adapted to the inclination of the ceiling.

The wood finishes add friendly touches to the environment, while metal handles modernize a very natural set but also very urban.

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7 With integrated dining room

Equipped with wooden table and iron chairs, terrace type, The dining room of this kitchen integrates with the style of decoration unifying environments.

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8 Unpolished white

The color envelops the space of this cook with office, with wooden slat floors and walls that combine paint and tiles.

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9 Pure light Miriam Yeleq

Its owner feels such passion for cooking, that this is the first stay we found when entering his house. Comfortable and cheerful, has what it takes to feel like a chef.

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10 Reinvented Kris Moya Studio

With a good reform in the kitchen can be achieved more space, brightness and different storage solutions. This project is a clear example of this.

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11 High tech aesthetics Miriam Yeleq

From refined lines, with multifunction island and storage capacity, this kitchen attracts for its esthetic high tech. The hit of effect: its spectacular porcelain countertop.

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12 Three environments in one Xey

A optimal space distribution allowed create a work area in this kitchen comfortable and well equipped, a dining room with a furniture front to store utensils and food, and a washing area.

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