The best pantries to have everything in order

The best pantries to have everything in order

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We have gathered the best pantries that have crossed our boards on Pinterest.

Advertising - Keep reading under Wooden shelves and containers

A proposal from the Ikea firm.

A pretty wooden shelf In a mini space with shelves All well labeled

And with background color.

Boxes and baskets to maintain order With hooks for hanging utensils Take advantage of the stairwell In labeled plastic boxes In sight A magazine pantry Behind a sliding door In a closet

Take care of the interior lighting to find what you are looking for easily.

All blank A compartment suitable for the size of what you keep Drawers and removable drawers A door and blackboard

To write down everything you have to buy!

In drawers A pantry inside a kitchen cabinet All in baskets Removable containers On wooden shelves

And taking advantage of a corner

In a separate space

In the kitchen but in a separate space.

Planned to the millimeter

Plan the pantry with compartments of different sizes.

Glass jars

If you want order to be the protagonist in your pantry, get identical glass jars to store vegetables, pasta, rice ...

Very flirtatious

Can a pantry be flirtatious? With identified boxes and a nice wallpaper.

With countertop

Up and down, warehouse. And in the center a countertop, ideal to be used as a work surface.

In attic areas too