A small flat, simple and with character

A small flat, simple and with character

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Just by crossing the east gate 58 square meter floor, located on the top floor of a brick facade building in Gothenburg, we can perceive that we are facing a special home. The light invades everything by sneaking through its arched windows from which you can see the cranes of the port. Its irregular walls let us guess its more than 100 years. Its sloping ceilings that reach more than 3 meters cause a cozy and spacious feeling at the same time. Skylights invite us to dream watching the clouds of the sky pass or the starry nights.

Has chosen a simple decoration It helps to perceive space better. Few pieces, but very well chosen, that create an interior as functional as it is beautiful and that delimit the different rooms without losing the open concept. The color palette chosen is restricted to neutral tones, with profusion of whites, blacks and grays. The textures provided by wood, leather, natural fibers, textiles and metal give depth to the whole in a discrete way. The result is a simple home that welcomes and surprises.

Styling: Team Sarah Widman
Photo: Cim Ek

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The floor of this 58m2 apartment has allowed to keep everything open and that each space has privacy.

All inclusive

View of the kitchen, blank and with wooden details. The appliances have been paneled to fully integrate them.

Storage seen

On the countertop, some open shelves.


Next to the kitchen, a dining table.

Arch of Triumph

Arched windows are one of the original elements of the nineteenth century that give the house character.


The views are of the roofs of the city and the cranes of the port.

Much character

Arched windows, visible pillars, irregular walls ...


The floors are made of oak.

A lot of light

The windows and skylights let the light invade every corner of the floor.

Bring out virtue

The irregular wall of the entrance has served as a separator that gives privacy to the bedroom.

Front view

The kitchen with dining room view from the living room.

To stay blank

The walls have been painted white to give prominence to the architectural elements.

Open and shared

After passing through the kitchen we reach the space that the living room and bedroom share.

Comfort zone

The living room, with Ikea bench designed by Ilse Crawford and chair Swan from Jacobsen.


By sticking to a very limited color palette, special attention has been paid to textures.


The works of art have also been kept in the color palette.

Green brushstroke

On the windowsill of a window, a plant brings a vegetal touch.


The carpet and the different orientations of the living room and bedroom create a visual separation.


When sharing the same space it is very important that the bedroom and the living room are within the same color palette and the same style.

Divine light

On the bed, a skylight brings light to the bedroom.


On one side of the bed, a couple of abstract works.

Like an oak

In the bedroom the oak floor of the rest of the floor continues.

Architecture Details

At the foot of the bed you can perceive the irregularity of the walls, which give it a lot of character.

Great capacity

A built-in closet occupies the entire wall of the bedroom.


In blue, with textured tiles.

Full equipped

It is located at the entrance, on the left.

Pure facade

Brick, with reddish roofs.


It is located in one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city.

Good plant

The floor plan, in which its irregular and open plan can be perceived.