This duplex is the dream refuge

This duplex is the dream refuge

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The structure prior to the reform of this duplex already wasted an incredible attraction, suitable for being adapted almost to the measure, as it happened later. Equipped with a privileged location, in the Attic of a central building, this Madrid apartment was organized and decorated to accommodate a couple in a bright, sophisticated and refreshing environment. The architect of such an excellent result was the architect Charlie Diaz, who opted for a loft aesthetic.

With the full support of the owners, the architect opened openings, roof windows and knocked down all the partitions so that the light input out total. The almost absolute mastery of the white color in the walls and in everything that overlaps them, provokes the reflection of light and multiplies it, a valuable resource considering the absence of traditional windows. This process enabled the installation of a unique stained oak flooring in wenge, as well as the use of novel materials, such as polished concrete, black in the shower and white on the kitchen wall. Regarding the distribution, the 90 m2 available were divided into two heights with living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet on the ground floor.

The upper area is different and peculiar, with a charm marked in part by the access to a charming terrace, by the presence of the staircase and the work shower next to the bed or by the large roof window that opened in the seating area Here the presence of a lovely corner chill out It was a success; Equipped with a mat, numerous cushions and Moroccan details becomes a direct thread with the world of dreams.

This apartment, managed by Ivory Escapes, can be rented.

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On the first floor, the bedroom has a relaxation area in the purest oriental style. A platform with a mattress, several cushions and the direct exit to the terrace provide calm and tranquility to this space, in which there is also a small work corner. Qbika mat and cushions. Blanket and lamp, from Zara Home. Lantern, glass planters and terrace tables, Los Peñotes.

Tailored dining room

Designed to scale with respect to the available space, the dining room has a narrow matt lacquer table made to measure; On one side it was completed with a running bench, which does not take up space, and on the other, with a pair of designer chairs. Dining room furniture purchased at Qbika. Panton chairs, from Vitra.

Vertical warehouse

In order to create a greater sense of space, floor to ceiling cabinets or bookcases were dispensed with; The warehouse area is in charge of blown modules finished in white, the same tone of the wall. They are absolutely integrated and offer a lot of capacity inside. Wall, sofa and coffee table modules: everything, purchased at Qbika. Blinds, from Velux. Pictures by Fann. Vases, from Los Peñotes. Cushions, carpet and plaid, from Zara Home.

Loft style marking

The choice of industrial air elements, such as the ventilation ducts seen, or the concrete pillars, bring the decoration of the house closer to that of the New York lofts. Firstly, the details and utensils that decorate the dining room are from Zara Home, Habitat and Gancedo.

A very bright kitchen

Space designed by As Kitchens with high gloss lacquer furniture in black and white. The countertop is from Corian; the tap, from Franke and the appliances, Siemens.

Cooking zone

With a U-shaped organization the kitchen gained in functionality and warehouse and work space. A perfect design that also provides a small bar for fast food.

A bedroom to rest

On a very neutral base, with white lacquered and taupe furniture, spring air prints in fuchsia pink triumph. A risky and perfect bet for this very special bedroom. Headboard and lacquered furniture, from La Oca. Bedding, cushions, carpet, box and vases; Everything can be purchased at Zara Home.

New materials in the bathroom

The walls, in direct contact with the water, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, were coated with polished cement; The effect is modern, avant-garde and very functional. In the shower this material was dyed in black and combined with a plate of the same color and transparent screen. In the foreground, box and blanket, Zara Home.

Bedroom with integrated bathroom

The delicacy of furniture and accessories contrasts with the hardness of the structure, industrial type. A warm atmosphere emerges from the mixture of both styles, which invites you to relax and rest. Furniture made of bamboo wood with Corian countertop, from Actual Bathroom. Flower towels and pink cushions, from Zara Home.

Mix of coatings in the bathroom

The choice of different finishes and colors enriches the decoration of the bathroom. Oak stained in wenge color for the floor, a bamboo cabinet, white countertop and a black washbasin coexist perfectly within a minimum space. The furniture, countertop and faucets come from Current Bathroom.

House plan and bedroom ideas

- Choosing the same materials for both spaces is essential; they create continuity and act as a thread between environments. Here, both the floor and the walls share the same finish with the exception of the shower, which was coated with black polished cement.
- The block created to integrate and separate the shower and toilet at the same time was key in this distribution. It is a module, with acid glass door to hide the toilet, and transparent screen to close the shower tray. The result is really spectacular.