Before and after: the radical change of a 56m2 apartment

Before and after: the radical change of a 56m2 apartment

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In the old town of Toledo, a short walk from the Jewish quarter, we discover a flat of 56 square meters with a lot of history (and a happy ending). "It is located in a typical corrala built in 1870 where my great-grandparents lived, "Diego explains his current owner. Although now we see that its interior is spacious and open, it was not always like this:" It was a small and very compartmentalized apartment. It was divided into two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, "he adds. Those responsible for giving him this new life were the members of the study.

The reform was total. All divisions were removed to create a single space shared by the living room and bedroom, separated from each other by a tempered glass wall, and the floor, electrical system and plumbing were renovated. Although the change has been total, the owner wanted to preserve and enhance the history of the property. During the works they discovered some wooden beams on the roof, They restored with sandblasting, and brick walls. Both original elements were exposed. Diego also recovered a mirror from his grandmother, who updated painting yellow and combined with current pieces of inspiration midcentury.

Advertising - Keep reading below Fourth generation

This apartment in Toledo belonged to the great-grandparents of the current owner. A reform has assured him many more years of life ...

For guests

The sofa bed is Suinta brand and cost around 900.

Study zone

Under a living room window, Ikea's desk.

Nice to all lights

During the renovation some old wooden beams were discovered that were restored with sandblasting. Strips of LED lights illuminate them and give them prominence.

Major hunt

The wooden deer heads were bought by the owner through a second-hand website.

Transparence law

A glass wall gives privacy to the bedroom while keeping the concept open.

Corner with past

Ancient brick walls were also discovered that were partially visible.

Detail of the brick seen Dinning room

Inspirational table and chairs mid century bought in Westwing.

Yellow and blue

The mirror belonged to Diego's grandmother, the owner, and he updated it by painting it yellow.


In the kitchen we find a tile front with lots of color.

New distribution

Before the bathroom was accessed through the kitchen. The distribution was changed so that it could be accessed directly from the entrance.

Dark Object of Desire

The bathroom, coated in black.


In the bathroom a black tile has been used and on the floor one of black and white hydraulic design.

The lounge before The floor before The lounge before The kitchen before The bathroom before During the reform During the reform During the reform During the reform During the reform