10 things you should do every day

10 things you should do every day

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Healthy duties, of course. Why We live so fast that sometimes we forget ourselves, and those around us! So take advantage of the new year and take note ... You still have time to change your habits!

Advertising - Keep reading below Breathe

No, it's not a joke. The harsh reality is that we don't know how to breathe, or at least, not as we should. And it is that much of the anxiety we suffer could disappear if we take 5 minutes a day to breathe.

The first thing you should do is remove worries and focus attention on your body, feel you.

Then, take a deep breath and hold the air for 6 seconds. Eject slowly until empty and hold another 6 seconds. Repeat.

What about now?

Stretch your body!

Whether by yoga, pilates, or just relaxing and stretching the muscles, but do it. And if possible, In the morning and evening. It will not take you more than five minutes and you will notice the changes!

Drink water

Yes, it is something that you are tired of hearing, and we know that it costs (especially in winter), but your body needs it.

Do you want an infallible trick? Put some of your favorite fruits in the water and you will see how well it enters!

Eat fruit

Your body needs more fruit and less processed foods. It is essential if you want to be healthy inside and out, and your skin is the first place where you will notice it!

Update your agenda

Just get up and have breakfast, spend some time updating your calendar with the tasks of the day. In this way, nothing will happen to you and you will be calm knowing that you have everything written down.

Tidy up your work zone

Whether at home or in the office, Sorting your desk will help you work more efficiently, checked!

Spend time with the elderly

Your grandparents, your uncles ... Those older people around you and who love you so much will appreciate the minimum attention. Do not forget them!


And no, we don't mean magazines, but books. It is important that you do not lose your habit, because, otherwise, it will give you more and more laziness. One tip, if you are not accustomed, start with short novels and gradually increase, trying other genres etc.


In addition to pampering ourselves too we must take care of the environment, because even if we are not going to change the world, we can contribute our grain of sand. Less is more!


Live the moment, laugh out loud, meet your friends, focus your attention on everything you do, and stop turning your head around with things that probably won't happen!