4 Kitchens with table or island of different styles Which one do you prefer?

4 Kitchens with table or island of different styles Which one do you prefer?

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We are going to review four decorative styles so that you choose the one you like the most and we give you ideas so that with a few pieces you can recreate the atmosphere in your kitchen, if you still do not dare to make reforms.

Vitamin effect kitchen

Laminate floors are warm, like wood floors, but they can also be scrubbed. Getty Images

Rectangular table. Perfect in elongated kitchens. The size, depending on your space, but calculate leave 65 cm for each guest.
Rejuvenated furniture Paint your old cabinets in a bold color ... and modernize them! Enamels for kitchen furniture can be used on melamine, chipboard and wood. You do not need to sand or primer.
It has only one front. Do you want to save by renovating your kitchen? Instead of tiling the walls, cover only the cooking area with a dashboard between cabinets. Choose: synthetic compact, glass, melamine sheets, etc.
Comfortable corridors From the table to the front of cabinets, it is necessary to leave 90-120 cm to circulate widely.



Colorful synthetic fiber rug, 122 x 183 cm, 209,90 €, in Car Möbel.

Textile tea towels

Set of 2 tea towels, Carrot, 7,95 €, from El Corte Inglés.

espresso coffee maker

Double coffee maker for espresso and drip coffee, CK7355, 109,99 €, from Ufesa.

Kitchen with retro atmosphere

Paint the walls with special plastic paint kitchens; Protects and is washable. Bruguer offers many colors. Getty Images

Pieces vintage. A space equipped with simple furniture can earn a lot, if you choose a special element that provides a decorative plus: a refrigerator or an old-design kitchen, industrial lamps ...
A wall in another color. This simple aesthetic resource is enough to transform the space completely. Paint the wall in a vivid tone, what a contrast. You will create a powerful focal point.
Play with the liners. As in the example in the photo: the floor, in a wood tone and placed in a spike, and the wall, in rows of white tiles and with alternate joints.
How clean! The islands with marble or granite countertops are great for preparing food.


tap faucet

High spout tap, model Rousseau, 85,95 €, in Leroy Merlin.

jugs for breakfast

Jugs in pastel tones, 2.5 l, 24,50 € / cu, at IB Laursen.

lighting lamp

Ceiling lamp, industrial style, with three bells, 229 €, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Kitchen attached to the living room

The fiber carpet unifies the environments, but has not been placed in the cooking zone to avoid splashing. Getty Images

Wooden table and chairs. When the kitchen is integrated into the living room, the furniture of this material is the best link between functional and decorative aspect.
Paint in two colors. Walls and furniture coordinate blue and white: the space overflows light and joy.
Put only one cupboard front, If your kitchen has recesses and windows. You will take better advantage of the lower area by attaching furniture of different dimensions. The bottom of them is usually 60 cm, but the height varies, from 85 to 90 cm. In width, you can choose modules of 15, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 80, 90 and 120 cm.
Show your collections. Old teapots and kettles, porcelain cups ... are beautiful decorating your kitchen.


FLASK boat

Blue boat with cloth handle, 19,99 €, from Zara Home.

Furniture Storage

Organizer furniture, 79,99 €, from Maisons du Monde.

Stool Seats

Stool with power seat, 14,95 €, from Maisons du Monde.

Industrial type kitchen

Metal stools and antique decorative objects, such as the scale, put an endearing touch. Getty Images

White and steel: good binomial. This combination of colors and materials creates bright, neat, and beautiful industrial air environments.
Opt for an island bar. It adapts to large and small kitchens. Minimum width and length: 60 and 100 cm respectively. The height, 90 cm to work; although if you are going to eat, it should not be less than 110 cm, and with a flight of 30 cm for the legs.
Microcement floor Good choice: it is continuous, resistant, applicable on any surface and without joints, which facilitates cleaning.
"Subway" tiles. This type of format is fashionable. Its layout and size creates a feeling of spaciousness.


weigh scale

Metal balance vintage up to 5 kg with round viewfinder, 19,95 €, in El Corte Inglés.

boats boats

Lot of two containers for food preservation, Kiko, 22,99 €; La Redoute

Stool Stools

Stool Factory Bar, 119,90 € / set of 2 units; To Loja do Gato Preto.