Order in your room

Order in your room

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The wall is a precious treasure when it comes to facilitating order. If you fix a hanger with hooks, your child will be able to hang that battalion of objects that, thrown by any corner, give chaos sensation: the backpack, the skates, rackets ...

Make a fabric cover with handles for those without a bag and hang them. A basic principle of order is to keep what your child uses most often in shelves and drawers that remain at a height between his eyes and his hip. The rest can be distributed above and below this measure.

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Balls, skateboards, helmets ... Sports equipment and some games need ample storage space. Analyze how much they require and commission a modular composition that alternates containers, shelves ... The system Roomplanner, from Asoral, includes toy boxes.

Shelving with shelves

If you have several children at home, you will love this idea: place a shelf with shelves and archive books and stories according to themes or ages. White lacquered model; It measures 62 x 109 x 20 cm and is (14,99 ).

Shelves in the shape of a house

Are those toys that can be part of the decoration from shelves. If these are independent, it will be easier to keep them in order because you will avoid the domino effect in case a toy falls. Shelves shaped like a house (€ 119/2) and squares; container with wheels (€ 195/2); and stool (€ 63). Everything is from Bloomingville.

Shelving with compartments

A shelf that offers the possibility of placing shelves and compartments at different height, will allow to adapt its capacity to the size of what you want to store in it. For example, this is from the firm Flexa.

A bank with warehouse capacity

It solves both the problem of where to store and the need for an extra seat when your friends come home. This, with two vertical and adjustable interior panels, measures 60 x 30 x 30 cm. Bank (€ 99), toy guitar (€ 27.95) and Hello sheet (€ 13.50); from Car Möbel.

Vaporetto for cleaning

And if after cleaning your room, do you clean? At this age, they can do simple tasks. In a few minutes, your room will be another with the vaporetto Lecoaspira, from Polti; It is a vacuum cleaner with water filter, which eliminates mites and bacteria, and, at the same time, a steam cleaner (€ 799).

Container without lid

Does your child have a hard time keeping your room tidy? The easiest thing is to put a container without a lid, in which you throw at the end of the day what is out of place. Trunk, in 60 x 40 x 42 cm (€ 79.99 in Maisons du Monde).

Wardrobe with outside wardrobe

Look at this idea: the closet includes an outer wardrobe with bar and shelf - where to leave the next day's clothes ready - with hangers on the side. In papyrus finish
(€ 766). It is from the firm Kibuc.

Green door closet

At this age, most have not yet given the famous stretch. If the storage systems are up to it, they will find it easier to store clothes and games than if they barely reach. System Stuva, from Ikea: green door cabinet with bar, shelf and basket, in 60 x 50 x 128 cm (€ 101); and combination of drawers and white shelves, in 60 x 50 x 128 cm (€ 110).