Make your own almond milk for the bathtub

Make your own almond milk for the bathtub

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There is nothing we like more than to get home after an intense workday, and to give stress to the folder with a foam bath and a playlist of relaxing music ... Because in the end, small pleasures are the best! But if you want that apart from relaxing, your skin looks like new, you will need to add an extra dose of hydration. How to get it? With a very special almond milk that you can prepare in a small house to have it ready whenever you need it.

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- 1 cup of Epsom salt
- 1/2 cup almond milk
- 1/2 cup of baking soda
- 2 tablespoons coconut oil
- 15 drops of essential oils

Stir the ingredients well and pour the mixture into the bathtub while it is filling with water.

Do not go out within (at least) 20 minutes, and enjoy!

Did you know?
- Essential oils will be key in the result of the mixture. You can choose them based on your preferences. For example, if you suffer from anxiety, lavender is best; if you have respiratory problems, mint will become your ally; And if you are looking for a dose of energy and vitality, opt for the orange. Another option is to add a tablespoon of ground ginger, ideal to fight colds.

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    - Epsom salts relieve muscle aches, baking soda soothes irritated or dry skin, and coconut oil moisturizes and softens the skin.