The other Christmas

The other Christmas

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The countdown so that the Christmas has started. Some are looking forward to waiting because they enjoy the preparations to decorate their home, while others resist and avoid at all costs the time to remove the ornaments from the boxes. Our proposal, for all, is to review what was used in previous years and consider whether it continues to add style to the decoration ... Before deciding, you should know the latest deco Xmas. Look for ideas here, to create Christmas prints With a renewed air.

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A halo of mystery envelops this environment with a game of chiaroscuros. The gray lead background and the candle give it an intimate atmosphere, ideal for the diversity of materials, paper, sackcloth and leather to stimulate touch. Lighthouse by Leroy Merlin (€ 12.95). Ornaments, from Ikea (from € 3.99). Manta, from El Globo Muebles

Christmas wreath

A classic in popular festivals, which endorses the current decoration. When you move inside, it provides an ambient light, which invites you to enjoy the evening. Garland, from Bauhaus, with 10 bulbs (€ 22.45). It is a resource that decorators use to increase interest in a corner. Here, a Christmas detail in a powerful black color is added to this snowy wall. Ceramic moose (€ 8.40 each in R Design).

Wooden star

Deco pieces gain prominence that convey a sense of well-being and peace, such as leather and knit blankets; but also all kinds of Christmas lighting, with figures, trees and LED strips. Star, from Primark, in wood, for desktop and wall; measures 30 x 30 cm approx. (€ 10).

Forest at home

On the fireplace or in furniture such as consoles and sideboards, create a picture that evokes the stillness of an autumn and winter landscape. A wooden stump and a branch make up a sculptural duo, where the leaves with frost effect convey a sense of movement. Painted branch (€ 48.36 in Los Peñotes). Leaves, by Leroy Merlin (€ 3.25 / 4).

On the stairs

To enhance your presence during the Christmas holidays, decorate your railing with luminous ornaments and each step with natural moss. Plus of warmth: place a wicker basket at the start of the stairs, from which branches in old gold stand out. Garland of snowflakes (€ 37.99) and branches (€ 9.99), by Leroy Merlin. Natural moss, in nurseries and online. Basket (€ 21 in The Furniture Globe).

Tree alternatives

In addition to the dry branches, so used in the current Nordic and country-inspired decoration, you can resort to maxi plants, shrubs and trees that are at home. This olive tree is transformed into a Christmas tree with the two-color balls of R Design (€ 12.60 / three). Flowerpot, Very Very Much (€ 22.90). Dairy products (from € 38.45 in Los Peñotes).

Paper star

The star that crowns the fir tree is a versatile complement; In its multiple design versions you can decorate any atmosphere with Christmas spirit. The proposal of the signature House Doctor: to levitate in front of a window. Paper star (€ 17.25);
cushions (from € 65); and teak tables (€ 465 each).

Original Christmas tree

A sculpture formed by glued white bottles, natural branches and lanterns make up an original Christmas tree of Nordic air, raised on a table of artisanal invoice. Garland, from Bauhaus (€ 27.95). Table (€ 351) and basket (€ 14), from El Globo Muebles). Chair, by Leroy Merlin. Leather, from Ikea (€ 49.99)