Very original side table

Very original side table

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- A wooden box of wine or fruit.
- Stool with folding wooden legs.
- Sandpaper.
- Cutter
- Paint pot
- Brush
- 4 pipe clamps with double fixing.
- Screws and washers.
- Screwdriver.

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A good way for your children to have the books they use the most at their fingertips is to make custom shelves. It is advisable not to overload them, so that they are not overcome by weight. A couple of dictionaries and reading books for the quarter will be enough. In addition, by using recyclable items you will be instilling an ecological spirit.

Sanding feet

With the cutter, remove the material that covers the stool seat. Sand the wooden legs well to remove varnish residues. Pass a damp cloth to the feet in order to clean the dust. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Paint the legs

Paint the legs of your child's favorite color. We have chosen a relaxing blue sky. Before proceeding to paint, place newspaper papers on the floor or on the work surface to avoid dirtying. Apply two coats of paint to complete the entire structure. Let it dry for about twenty minutes.

Fixed legs

Once the legs dry, adjust them to one side of the box, helping you with the clamps. Place the washers and screws until the legs are perfectly fixed. Choose a few short screws so that they do not overhang on the other side.